Friday, June 23, 2017

MissRaylyn turns four!

Say it ain't so!
 Even Prince Charming Daddy wore a crown too! PrinceHayes, no way.
 I always make Princess Ariel sing.  The grands always love it when I steal their voice.
 PrincessLayton's favorite is Ariel.  Can you tell?

 We did have a Princess parade, PrincessAllyAnn was fine with wearing her party dress. But, she does have all the accessories, including a cell phone.
 All four cuties in a row and PrincessAllyAnn was busy contacting friends or maybe posting on Instagram. 
 A princess can never have too much bling, right PrincessHadley?
 Cousin hugs for the birthday girl.  How fun to have a party at the lake!  Oh the anticipation, MissRaylyn talked about it for weeks prior. 

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