Sunday, October 13, 2013

So waaaiiittt a minute...

Makes me want to shout, throw my hands up and shout...

Weren't we just talking about the names for the twins?  Weren't we just at the hospital waiting for their arrival? Wasn't I just helping them their first week home!?

So when and how did they turn one!?!!

Raylyn came to say Happy Birthday!  For now she is Hadley and Layton's only cousin.

Of course you wear a birthday tutu!  See Layton is practicing her toe touch.

Pretty paper!  And Mom is letting me pull on it. Wow.

Hadley and Layton making a mad dash for presents.

 We loved our giggling new babies.  We loved everything!

Our Mom had special treats made.  She always makes everything so pretty.

Hey, Layton why are you licking your lips sister?

I'm not so sure about the texture of this cake.  

Really Hadley, it is great, you should give it a try!  Stop crying, Mom went to a lot of trouble you know.  Just eat it, it isn't everyday we get sugar right before bath time! 

WAIT a minute, just a fast, this one is over four months old.  Raylyn loved Lala's new super soft blanket.  I swear this child has a smile on her face always.


  1. Lori, they are absolutely adorable! When you think of how much a baby changes and grows in that first year it's amazing! What beautiful girls! All three of them!

  2. Aw, Happy B-Day to the girls! Lovin' the tutu's:@)

  3. It doesn't seem possible that they could be celebrating their 1st birthday! Time goes much faster for Grandmas. They are adorable and I know you are having the best time.


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