Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guest Bedroom Gallery Shelf

I had a big huge wall to fill above the bed in the guest bedroom.

I added a gallery shelf and had fun with letters.
IKEA shelf, comes in white and wood tone also.  Weird thing about the shelf it comes without the three screws?! Come on IKEA, did that save you that much money?  

I had pinned the idea of the word guest on a shelf.  They had used the large cardboard letters and painted them gold.  I knew I didn't have enough space on the shelf for anything with a big wedge shape.  While cutting through the card aisle at Wally World,  these paper letters caught my eye.  You are supposed to use them to decorate gift bags.  At 29 cents each, it was a bargain.  

Above is the newspaper announcement from 1955 for my Mom and Dad's engagement.  My Aunt sent it my way with an envelope full of old stuff.  On the right of the ledge is my hubbies Mom jumping on the back of her best friend, Gina.  Nickie said they must have been high school age.  

The interior design drawing is one of Lynley's from a class at The University of Oklahoma.

Pretty fun graphics on these letters.  Be our guest!  Be our guest!  


  1. How neat! The engagement announcement is perfect on the shelf. The letters are fun too. I've been eyeing those shelves. They are filled with possibility!

  2. So cute! I love how you add all your special memorable touches!


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