Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lala gets the easy, inexpensive bumper pad

I made the bedding for all three of my grand-daughters.  But, never got around to having one for the crib at my house.  

We were going to have the twin grand-daughter's over last weekend and I decided it was time for a bumper since they are rolling around now.

Here is Layton and Hadley's bedding that I made.

...and here is Raylyn's bedding.

You can see more on their bedding here and here.

And here is my super fast and frugal bumper pad.  Now, I don't use mine every day.  I would iron some bonding material to stiffen the inside of this if you plan to use it everyday.  

I purchased a set of four, and used three Carter's flannel receiving blankets. Walmart $7.99. 

They were folded and already the perfect size. 

I just cut off the one extra strip.

Experimented with a sample version of the finished product design.

Sewed one huge tube, turned inside out and ironed.

I attached tightly on one corner with grograin ribbons.

The seams where the fabric connected is behind a dowel.  

Much better than the sheet version I was using.  

My cost $7.99 for three blankets, I had the ribbon.  Took about one hour to complete.
Hadley, Layton and Raylyn's bedding cost hundreds and hours of work.  

Layton tried it out overnight and at nap time. She says "thanks, Lala.  It was so soft and pretty." 

She also loved gardening with Poppa.


  1. You are truly the smartest one! I love your idea of the bumper pads. Your other ones are truly amazing and I can't imagine how long it would take to make something like this! That little one is simply adorable.
    be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  2. What a great idea!!! ALL the bedding looks just beautiful!!!! This is such a good time in life, isn't it? Every stitch sewn with love and prayers!

  3. What a big girl to help in the yard like that! And then she can nap in her beautiful bed like a princess.


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