Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where the kitchen renovation left off

You might be wondering what is up with the kitchen renovations.  They were interrupted for our new grand-daughter's arrival.

I left off here..

Everything torn out and the guys were ready to bring in the granite.  Your first look at the stone we picked out.  Colonial Cream.

The old ceramic tile back splash had to be removed and that led to another part of the renovation.  I had to find tile to match the sink area back splash that we had put in four years ago.

The guy who measure for the template said he saw it at Floor Decor in Dallas.  Then up next, the entire kitchen needed to be painted.  Lynley helped me pick out the lighter tone for the walls.  (oops, now I think the den that the kitchen opens up to might need a fresh wall color too.)  

This was a hard part.  I needed a tiny sized stone to fill in the space between the old back splash and the granite.  After four trial pieces, all too wide.  I found one sheet of this in the designer stone section of Home Depot.  It was meshed together, I just cut strips and mortared in place.  Trust me, once grouted the end product is fabulous.  

I found this in one of the kitchen drawers.  I have absolutely no idea whose it is or what pictures are in it.  I can't wait to turn it in and see what decade or party it was from.   

See those tiny round dots in the granite.  They are a dark plum color and are called cranberries.  I looked at three granite houses before I found this light colored slab.  
Also on the renovation list, repaint worn and dingy cabinets for a clean, bright look.   For this project I used Annie Sloan chalk paint ~ Old White and two light coats of her varnish.  I think the entire kitchen will take two cans of the white and one of the varnish.

Just a tiny peek at the kitchen below, still not completely done.

Kitchen renovation list

purchase new cook top and faucet
Find the perfect granite
old counters removed
granite installed
sink installed
faucet installed
cook top installed
walls painted
cabinets refinished
ceilings covered with tongue and groove boards
  canned lighting installed
 pendant lights over the breakfast counter

Notice the difference between the cabinets on the left with Old White and the old dark ivory, with a dark glaze on the right.  Yes, I went with a full one huge sink and I love it!  

Up next... before and after.

Just in case you need a smile.  Here are three nice reasons for delays with the kitchen work.
Now we have three gorgeous grands!

Raylyn napping

Hadley's baby doll lips and porcelain doll complexion

Layton's new trick and oh those eyelashes.


  1. I have to comment first on your little grands! Congratulations on your new little grandson and what a precious little miracle. Your little granddaughter is adorable and I can just she her and that new little trick going on. Now your kitchen is looking soooooooooooooo gorgeous. Love your granite with the backspash! I've never used the ASCP before. It looks good on your cabinets.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Oh!!! Your GRAND girls are adorable!!! SO CUUUUUte!!! My grandquads are a year old now and I could not get enough of that first little pic of your Raylyn!

    As for your kitchen - I am SO impressed!!! It is beautiful and inspiring to me!! I just an hour ago walked through my kitchen and thought - 'someday I will do something to these cabinets!' We will be getting new counter tops soon. I'm just not ready to make cabinet, counter, stove and floor decisions yet! You ARE amazing!!!

  3. Those are three of the BEST reasons to hold up on kitchen transformation!!! But oh my!! The kitchen is looking fabulous!!!!

  4. You shouldn't bother about late updates since I'm sure your readers are patiently waiting for the progress of your kitchen renovation. It's good to know that you value your follower's opinions regarding your renovation. However, it's better to heed a professional's advice 'cause they know what should be the right materials for your kitchen. Anyway, how's the project? Are you done redesigning your place?

  5. The reason behind the delay of your kitchen renovation isn’t that simple. You have your new granddaughter, so that was surely a big deal to everyone. I’m sure your readers will understand that, and I'm sure they're happy for you too! :) Well, you're only left with a few things to finish this project. And I assume that you’re done with everything by now. I hope that it turned out the way you planned it.
    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Exteriors


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