Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby Bumper Pads for Raylyn

Gorgeous fabrics, plus girly trim, plus Lala sewing  ~ equals lovely bedding for a grand-daughter.

Raylyn's Mom and Dad picked out the fabric.  I picked out the petal trim.  

I cut apart a bumper pad from Buy, Buy Baby to make four pieces. I also cut off the ties and saved them to use on the outside of the newly covered bumpers.  Two short ends and two long for the inside of the bed.  I used those as a template to cut the sections of fabric.  Below are the long side pieces. One full segment and three to piece together to make the other side.   

Here is all you will need for one long side.  Fabric for two sides, bumper padding to stuff and trim.  The long sides have one long print piece and three block grey pieces on the other side.  Melissa took one of the middle grey pieces to be monogrammed.  You will get to see that in the finished room.

Pin and sew your pieces to form the two long sides and two short sides.   Below are the short side pieces.  One side will be the print and the other will have just two grey blocks.  

Next, I added the trim.  Took forever, this was the hardest part.  I had to push each petal inside and pin them in place,  before I could sew anything together.  But, oh baby was it worth this tedious stage. 

I sewed three sides of one bumper case and left one short end open to stuff.  
Turn everything right side out and stuff.  This bumper was really thick, so I did not add any additional stuffing.  I then machine stitched the end closed.  

I had three out of the four sides finished and headed out to Mel and Sean's house for a test run.  We used velcro squares to attach the box pleated dust ruffle.  (Melissa had her nails ready for St. Patty's weekend.)  As Raylyn grows and they lower the mattress the dust ruffle will puddle underneath the bed.  

No mattress yet.  It is on their shopping list.  But, we had to see what the final results will look like.  

The bed is a white washed grey.  Collette, by Restoration Hardware Baby.  Yes, even Restoration Hardware has gotten into the Baby biz.   

Dreamy.  (yes, that is paint cans on the window sill)  It is coming together.  I told you the trim was worth it.

This is not my first rodeo.  Remember Layton and Hadley bedding.  I'm getting a little lot of experience at this grand-baby thing.

Fabric - Cutting Corners - Dallas
Trim - Joanne's Fabric
Bumper - Buy, Buy Baby
(I used an IKEA insert on Hadley and Layton's, it was very thin so we added stuffing to puff. )

Since I totally forgot to hit publish and found this post in draft mode.  I can show you the finished bed now.  I think I was waiting for Melissa to put the bedding on the baby bed and I forgot about the tutorial.

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  1. Even more stunning in person! They are fortunate to have you to make custom bedding! I love it...esp the trip. :O)

    1. You may want to review the literature on the correlation between crib bumper pads and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
      Kind regards,

    2. My girls remove the bumpers until they are older. Not to worry.


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