Friday, June 28, 2013

Pittsburg, Not Pennsylvania

We attended a wedding in Mount Pleasant, Texas and had extra time on Saturday to wander around the area and we came across this!  After I stopped laughing (sorry anyone from Pittsburg) I made Lynn pull over for a Kodak photo op.  

Lynn said "I think someone is sitting under the huge head pavilion?"  

Do you know who it is?  A man, his bible and his CHICKEN.

Hint... notice the Pilgrim hat.

His employees had this commissioned for him.  Beau Pilgrim the founder of Pilgrim's Pride chicken.

We also checked out the quaint downtown, we pretty much had the area to ourselves on a Saturday. 

The rehearsal dinner was at a beautiful winery in the same area, two miles down a country road.
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards, great day trip for any Dallas folks. 

The dinner was in the barrel room.

The wedding was the next day in the town of Mount Pleasant.

Mother/son dance... always a super sweet moment.  How she danced in those heels, I'll never know.  

and then there is the man and his chicken.... helped make for an interesting weekend away from Dallas.


  1. Hi, Lori! I got a kick out of this. :) Thanks for sharing! What a fun place for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Loved the reception site as well.

  2. LOL- I thought at first that you had photoshopped that picture, lol That is QUITE the thing! What a great wedding reception, too- xo Diana

  3. Love that Pilgrim head, what a hoot! I think that does look like a fun trip to do on a Saturday in the fall. Bob is retiring in the winter and I am trying to find fun things to do!


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