Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Crib Dust Ruffle

Ann Marie decided on a flat dust ruffle.  Our favorite fabric was the love fabric.  We added a simple ruffled edging.  

If you noticed no mattress yet.  They just got the bed (s).  She will be using white or khaki mattress sheets.
I hand ruffled the edge on my machine.  I bought 10 yards of silk ribbon.  I won't use it all for two sets. Just push, gather and sew.  

Once the bedroom is complete, I'll be back with a nursery post.

Oh, and with some fabric scraps, I made a patchwork neckroll pillow that will fit nicely at their back as they rock the babies in the glider in the nursery.


  1. Lori, these baby girls are going to be sleeping in luxury. ~ Sarah

  2. There are no words for how pretty that is! Those are some lucky babies!!!

  3. Judging from the bedding, that nursery is going to be very pretty and very classy!

  4. Mom- I haven't seen the adorable pillow!! :) Love it!! You did great!

  5. Ooooh, it's just gorgeous!! I can't wait to see everything else you have lined up!

    Our little girlie is 9 weeks now and I'm loving (nearly!) every minute!! I can't wait to get going on her nursery once she's no longer sleeping with us!


  6. Oh my GOSH I am in love!!!! LOVE! I almost want to have another girl just because of this. Course I'd have to pay you to make this, though. ;)


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