Saturday, May 25, 2013

Third and final room switch

But first, a little visit from Layton and Hadley, Ann Marie made their headbands.

Layton loves to hang on to hair.  Oh how I love ruffle butts.

Now the third and final room switch.

The red bedroom became the blue bedroom.  But, I still call it Melissa's room.  She was the one that spent the most time with this as her room.  When she lived here it had red walls.  Yes, red and glazed.  I was crazy nuts, and don't ask how many coats of paint it took to cover the red.  

Bedroom before....

Bedroom during.... remember this was a one woman job.  Which means my daughters have all moved out and hubby was watching a "most important golf tournament".  (they all are, or so he says)

Now after and so much better...

About the only thing that stayed in this room was the family pictures and the monogram on the wall.

Still need new custom curtains, they are on the list.  Along with painting kitchen cabinets and welcoming our newest family member, Raylyn.  AND you know what takes precedent!  There probably won't be new curtains for a while.  I'll be helping the new family get settled. 


  1. If anyone is interested in the bows- I am selling them for $8 each! Working on a Etsy account as we speak! Beautifullyblessedbaby will be open SOON!

  2. Love the bows!! Ann Marie, I work for Chic Critique (it is a photographer's forum) and if you want to advertise your business, we do giveaways for a small investment and your name goes out to all our fans! Email me at if you are interested and I can give you all the deets!

    Lori, you have been a busy busy woman! I can't believe you have done all that switching up and gotten everything done so quickly! You are a rock star!!!

    Those babies are just too precious! There is nothing better than a ruffle butt!!! Hoping to see a new one soon!! :-)

  3. What precious babies - such an abundance of blessings! LOVE the hair bows. Our daughter had twins last year - Jack and Caitlin. Jack has a head full of hair and poor Caitlin has fringe. But it's dark brown and growing. Maybe she'll eventually catch up with her brother! -- Jan Oh, and I love the tray on the bed!


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