Saturday, May 4, 2013

Room Switcheroo

This is the first room that has been redecorated from the three room shuffle.  It has two purposes now.  Grand-babies sleep here and the other half of the room is where I blog our office space

Did you know Blue Dog has a children's book?   I saw it at a friend's daughter's baby shower and hurried home and ordered one for our Grands.

The bed and changing table are 28 years old.   I saved them from when Ann Marie, Melissa and Lynley were babies.  Now they come in pretty handy once again.

I placed Lynley's shadow box that contains some of her baby things over the changing table.

The other side of the room is pretty sporty.   Lynn's treasures are everywhere, but nicely displayed.

And all those golf books made it back on the shelves.  

The giant tennis shoes by the desk are the ones that Lynn wore during the Daddy daughter dance at our first daughter's wedding.   He told the new son-in-law he had some big shoes to fill.  He found them in a shoe store display case, size 21, Nike Airs for 10 bucks.  I don't know how his size 11 feet stayed in the huge shoes while they danced.

Track and field shares the space with all the golf things.  Lynn ran track in college at Northwestern State in Louisiana.  

And my view from the computer has definately improved.  In the previous room, I just had the wall to look at while typing.

Next up the newly decorated guest bedrooms.


  1. It looks so good, and I love the diamond/paint on the walls!

  2. It looks awesome, Lori! I had the same Jenny Lind style bed for my children. And to answer your question, I got locked out of my google account a couple of days agonand had to reset my password. That has never happened before. Not sure what's going on....


  3. Everything looks great!

    The Blue Dog book caught my attention as there was recently an exhibit “Cajuns & Blue Dogs: The Art of George Rodrigue”. I attached a link. Thought u might get a kick out of since u r a La. girl as well ;o)

  4. What a perfect way to use the space and I love the tennis shoes! I'll have to remember that one!!


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