Friday, May 24, 2013

Room two of the three room switch.

The old office space had become the office/grands nursery/dumping ground for everything else.  ie: see hubbies golf clubs.  


I moved the third generation bedroom furniture we have to this room.  This bedroom set was my husband's grand-mothers furniture.  Thanks, Fannie Nichols. We have three pieces, the vanity, bed and a chest of drawers.

Funny, side story.  When Melissa was first married she told Sean they needed a Chester Drawer.  He was stumped and kept asking her what she meant.  "You know, a thing with drawers that you put all you clothes in!"  He said with a smile, "Do you mean a chest of drawers?".  I just had to smile too when I heard the story, because Melissa always was our child that could turn words around.  When she was young she pointed to her elbow and called it her kneebow.  Same child who also looked at a cemetery as we drove by and said "look they just planted somebody", when she saw a tent and flowers around the new mound of dirt.  To this day we can't pass a cemetery without seeing if there are "new plantings".   

I moved the curtain placement to above the transom windows and it made all the difference.  Really shows off the height of the ceilings.  (see first before picture to compare)  They were puddled on the floor before, so there was a generous amount of fabric to move them up higher.

I moved baby girl's interior design drawings into the room, and used the lamp and clock she left behind when she moved to her apartment.  So this corner is dedicated to Lynley.

Love, love this bedroom set.  

Big improvement to this guest room.  Still left to do...could use a fresh coat of paint. 

Next up... the final guest bedroom.


  1. You have been a busy bee! Isn't it amazing what curtains raised up like that can do! Looks lovely!

  2. Looks awesome! You have been working like a crazy woman!


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