Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New generation of party hostesses

Boy oh boy can these girls throw a party!  Add a group of teacher friends, throw in some amazing creative women, take some inspiration from pinterest, great food, great presents, 30 people and you have one amazing baby shower. 

Here are a few of the people shots, the next post is all about the details.  Get ready for some awesome, creative, great eye candy. I think a lot of it they just home shopped.  Frugal and smart too.

Thanks, girls for being such good friends to Ann Marie.  Here she is with the five hostesses.

It was all about pink and Hadley and Layton.

Huge party, there were over 30 guests.  Only five didn't show that didn't reply.  It was regrets only.  Which do you think works better on invitations RSVP or regrets only?

Here is peek at the main food table.  Everything was delicious and yes I tried it all.  I didn't want to be a bad guest. 

Two way too young looking grand-mother's to be.  

Little tiny shoes always get the best reactions.  

Lots of monogram shops were busy the week before the shower.  And the below was just a few of the monogrammed things.  I guess we won't have any trouble telling which twin we are holding.

Sorry for the blurry shot, only good one of the four of us though.  Me, Melissa, Ann Marie and Lynley.

Ann Marie is at 27 weeks, but her doctor tole her that her size is a 34 week belly.  There are two growing and taking up space.  But she is all belly, from the back you wouldn't even know she is pregnant.  

We heart bellies!

Some ladies had left and then we tried to get a group shot.  Such a fun day.  I told hubby I would be gone about two hours... five hours later I made it home.  We had to go help unload and go through everything one more time!  

Up next the oh so wonderful party planners and the super extravagant shower decorations.  

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  1. You definitely look too young to be a grandmother. Love the stairway shot. What a great idea!


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