Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mirror project

One more project out of the way in the master bath.  I used my new miter box and saw and cut down a purchased frame from Hobby Lobby's clearance aisle. 

See the frame was a bit too big.

Measured very carefully.

Changed out the bulky plastic frame holders for some flat ones that won't show.

I know the trend is to take these down and add two individual mirrors.  But I like the huge mirror.  By the way, when you don't want to be in your mirror picture you can sit on the floor and get the up angle shot.  Next up change out those gold faucets!  And a new tub and shower surround and new flooring and .... Yikes.

I played around with some of the stuff on the counter top.  

Doesn't everyone have silver and French Limoges china on their bathroom counter top?  

Frame - Hobby Lobby 90 percent off 24.00
Sears miter box and saw - $10.00
Silver pedestal server - Round Top, TX
Limoges - Round Top
Cream pedestal plate - gift from a fellow blogger


  1. How pretty! I have to tell you, I love the big mirrors too and just don't understand the trend to remove them. You've shown some of my favorite things - china and silver jewelry. :)

  2. That looks great. I really prefer a big mirror, too. You did a wonderful job- xo Diana

  3. Your new frame looks really pretty! I'm like you in that I prefer one large mirror instead of two smaller ones. Yes, everyone should have a china and silver jewelry hold like yours, and I don't have one.

  4. Great job, Lori! Your mirror looks amazing with it's new frame. Don't you just love the treasures your can find in the HL 80%-90% off aisle? :) Rarely to be used for their original purpose but treasures none-the-less. And I love your counter top arrangement.

  5. You go girl! That looks great and maybe everyone SHOULD have silver and china in their bathroom when it looks that pretty!

  6. So impressed Lori! The frame looks great!

  7. Your stacked pedestals are such a great idea! I love the silver with the china one!

    Have a blessed day!

  8. It's looking really gorgeous! The frame looks great, and the silver and china pieces on the counter are so pretty.


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