Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Shower for Anna and Spencer

We were busy last weekend.  We helped host a shower for one of my best friend's daughter that is getting married.  They wanted a couple's shower and it was one of our most fun parties yet.

The soon to be newlyweds!

There was great food!

We went house shopping and everyone brought the lanterns they had around their house to help with decorations.  

The colors matched the invitations of red and aqua.  At the last minute I grabbed some blue mason jars and we slipped some of their engagement pictures in them.  

Some of the napkins we used! The old frame was used as a napkin weight.

There was a game, the guys loved it.  I know we are in Dallas but our friend Frank is a huge Bears fan and the party was at their home.  

More party fun, right next to the bean bag game.

Anna's new last name will be Chmiel (pronounced Camille, which is how it would be spelled if you were from Louisiana)  

The dessert island had key lime pie, triple chocolate layered cake and brownies.  

The lovely hostesses, it would have taken too long to round up all the guys.  

The Gasparro's house has a wonderful layout for a huge party.  The weather cooperated because we really needed to use the outdoor space with 70 plus guests. 

Part of the clean up crew at work!  Yes, my good looking man knows how to wash plates too!

The parties over.  Sure was fun and the happy couple has a great start to set up their soon to be home.  

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  1. You are the best hostess! The decor and details were amazing.


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