Friday, June 8, 2012

Feeling patriotic

I know it has been a while to show off some of the napkins I am using.  I am feeling patriotic because we have a huge fourth of July family gathering planned. 

So here you go.  If I had time I would have made potato salad. The home of the free and potato salad and corn on the cob and apple pie!  How do you celebrate?  


  1. Did those napkins come from Idaho??? Cute, and I know you'll have a blast:@)

    1. Tuesday Morning in Texas is where they are from!

  2. I love those napkins! If YOU make the potato salad I'll bring the baked beans- xo Diana

  3. We meet my BIL, SIL, nieces and nephew at Myrtle Beach each year. We order pizzas and make a ton of appetizers to eat. Then we sit on the deck and watch the fireworks up and down the beach. They are on the 12th floor and we can see everything. It is amazing!!!!

  4. LOVE those! My 4th event will not be as big as usual this year; Robby's sister is planning a visit that week. But we will still be on the Cane! Enjoy yours.


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