Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It wasn't broken but...something new for our butts

I thought this toilet goes so much better with the new tile we installed about eight months ago.  One thing always leads to another doesn't it. Hubby was not happy when I walked in with this box!  He would have no part of it.   So guess what? My 24 year old daughter and I now know how to install a toilet.  

Isn't it purty?
And an added bonus it has a self closing seat and lid.  Fancy smancy, I know your are envious.
Just incase you noticed the towel holder is an iron wall plant holder.



Square tank with nice detail, plus matching detail around the base.

Kohler, Devonshire model, I found in stock at Lowe's.  You can have one too! No butts buts about it, I really do like it.


  1. Ok. That is a fancy schmancy potty! The seat closes automatically?!? That is crazy good! Girls rock!!!

  2. Love it and have it!!!;>) Is it the Devonshire model by any chance? If so, great minds think like. xo Diana

  3. You did well, girlfriend!!!! We are women, hear us ROAR!!!!

  4. Very VERY NICE!!!! Good for YOU!!!

  5. Never underestimate the power of a woman! Great style.

  6. Self closing lids! That would be awesome. Now if they only came in self cleaning.
    It does look better than the other one~great job installing it!

  7. That is fancy Lori - I love it!


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