Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nantachie Lake, Louisiana

We stopped at Mom and Karl's camp in Louisiana.  Yes, in Louisiana (lake houses are called camps).  I know my cousin in Minnesota calls his a cabin.  In Texas they are lake houses.

Whatever you call them, they are all relaxing.

The fish house leading the boat dock is surrounded by cypress trees.

The house is surrounded by trees filled with Spanish moss.  I did bring a bag of the moss home for filling the inside baskets of hanging plants.  

The view above from the fish cleaning house.  The view below looking outside from the den/kitchen.

How does Karl keep a weekend garden?  Very well it seems.  

Tomato plants waiting, but labeled.

And blueberries this year, if they can beat the birds to them first.  

Great picture of Mom and Karl on the back deck.   We caught them as they were getting back from church.  Amazing how they can keep up with it all.   Luckily my nephew just graduated college and spent a week up there doing odd jobs that needed done.  Thanks Daniel!


  1. Oh- they are just a happy looking couple. What a wonderful camp they have there. You didn't bring any chiggers home in that Spanish moss, did you? I HOPE not! xo Diana

  2. What a sweet looking pair! I love their place. What a relaxing spot! We didn't mess with the moss in South Carolina because everyone said it has chiggers in it! I always left it alone!

  3. Looks like a great place to relax!

  4. Beautiful place...finally get back and catching up...I've missed you! Glad you are enjoying your summer, can't get much better than this!

  5. Hi Lori, thanks for visiting my blog, love these pictures, we call them"cottages" here in Michigan, What do you mean "noreply" on blogger?
    Where do I find this? please let me know I am anxious to fix this, thanks so much,Celeste

  6. Hi Lori, thanks for visiting my blog, love your pictures, we call these "cottages" here in Michigan, What do you mean I have set "noreply" on Blogger? Where do I find this setting? thanks so much,for letting me know, Celeste

  7. Very nice! I'm glad you mentioned camp/lake house/cabin/cottage verbiage. I never knew any difference until I moved to Indy!

  8. Hi Lori-
    Even though I am a Texas blogger (South Texas), I have always been obsessed with Louisiana.
    Regardless of the name, I sure wish I had a house on the water somewhere!

    Enjoyed visiting.
    It is so hot here.

    White Spray Paint

  9. Looks like a lovely place to go for some summer relaxation. And for people who love to garden, doing a little bit of weeding just means that they have an excuse to get outside with their plants.

  10. do ya'll ever rent it out or know anyone or any place I can rent? Beautiful



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