Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding shower decoration

At the last minute I thought our wedding shower needed a front door wreath.  A bunch of friends went together and put on a couple's shower for our best friend's daughter and fiance.

The couple will be living in Austin as you will see in one of their engagement pictures that I pinned to the wreath as I placed the wreath on the front door of the one of the hostesses homes.  

More pictures of the party coming up. 

Here is the little happy wreath in the shower colors we used.

I found a dollar tree wreath, you are going to cover it up anyway.  I really just needed the base for the flowers and didn't need a full sized wreath.  Found the flowers at Michael's in the shower colors of red and aqua.  Hot glue and one burned finger later....


A fun way to great everyone and what a super cute bridal portrait taken of them in Austin. 
Congrats Anna and Spencer!


  1. Lori,
    So darn cute my friend!!


  2. Only you can make a dollar tree wreath look that amazing! I sent you an invite to one of the clothing sites I use. Very cute stuff!


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