Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second round - not at the finish line yet.

Is this what running a marathon feels like.? Yes, still working on my weekend project from three week-ends ago.  No weekend work this coming weekend though.   I will be in Louisiana at my Step-Dads 75th birthday party.  Lynn will be in Miami for the Super Bowl!  Who Dat Nation!  Are you cheering for the Saints?  I AM!  Geaux Saints!

In the meantime here is round two... round three may knock me out!

Wow, look pretty wood, I may never paint over natural wood again!
Yeah right.

You can barely see the pink and hand painted floral garlands showing through (second painting).  You can for sure see the antique blue (from my Mom's first painting).  Why is the green giving me a hard time.   Yellow stripe, pretty yellow mellow and going away quick. Green stripe, mean green!

I'm like a mad dog, not giving up yet. Stay tuned!

PS if the Saints have a bad night Sunday night, I may finish my project, because I will be too nervous to watch the game!

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  1. I can just see this becoming that cool # chest from Anthro! It will be aewsome after many hours of scraping. Actually the chest was nice in the green/white stipe....

  2. Hi Lori! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I've had fun looking at yours. Can't wait to see how the chest turns out :)

    The magnets I had in the picture are from Walmart. I also found some that I really at at Hobby Lobby that don't stick out as far. Both work great. The glue is from Walmart and it is amazing. Good luck on the project!

  3. I have stripped acres of paint off furniture and woodwork. A heat gun is my favorite way to do it, but this makes it more of an outdoor project because of the fumes. With chemical strippers, it's important not to rush things. Let the stripper do its work and curdle the paint, then gently scrape off the paint. If you have to put muscle to it, usually you're scraping too soon. Good luck with the rest of the job ... it looks like it will be great.
    ... Connie

  4. I just love the look of that wood Lori.


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