Monday, February 8, 2010

World Champion New Orleans Saints! Oh and Karl's Birthday

We went to Alexandria for Karl's 75th birthday and got home in time to watch the Super, super Bowl!  Joanie came in her new car and the party was wonderful, ending with a lively game of left, center, right!  I won one, Joanie won one and Chris tried to be a good sport.  Nickie you just might be enjoying that gambling a little too much.

LCR (left, center, right)


Why?  It is just more fun!

You will notice the picture of the Colt's quarterback, in the dark at the beginning of the game and I don't think he ever made it into the light.  Yeah, Saints, New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire
 Who Dat Nation!

I was one of the 106 million (most ever watched television show)


That is about as close as the other quarterback got to the trophy!

Just a friendly game of chance.  
No pants on the ground for Saints fans (although I do have a fun picture that I am not posting)
Next year Super Bowl in the new Dallas Palace!

Aunt Carole's pants on the ground, after the Vikings were defeated by the Saints.
We all received this note in the mail.

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  1. Funny last pic. Looks like a great day and night was had by all.


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