Monday, February 1, 2010

Before/After Number chest

I want one of those cool chests, wood stained with black numbering on the drawers.  But instead of the one with the $1000.00 price tag, I am going to try and make one out of a chest I have in the garage.  Oops I almost forgot the before picture, so sorry already project in progress.

But you can see it was a green and white striped, five drawer chest. With a high gloss finish that was turning the white stripes a nice pale yellow.  I already had removed the white round knobs and painted on the first coat of paint stripper.  Which to my dismay, made me realize my weekend project was turning into .... God knows how long.  Because this is all the first coat of stripper took off. I have purchased what is supposed to be a super duper paint stripper.  The weather is cool, so I may need to make this on indoor project.  That also may be why the stripper did not work as well.

The history of this little chest, my Mom painted it a an antique dark blue... she passed on the chest to me and I painted it pale pink with hand painted floral garlands up and down the drawers for the babies room.  Then I thought the girls had grown up and needed a striped chest of drawers.  After our last move it has been in the garage for eight years. I need extra storage in the house!

I'm going to post this today and maybe that will make me more determined to get on with the project.

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