Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kim really? My blogger friend has awarded me...

I don't post ads, I don't know how to display those little cute links on the side of my blog to other blogs.  I am fairly new at this game.  Now Kim has bumped up the ante.  She has bestowed upon me and fourteen others a "beautiful blog award".  Crap, now what do I do.  The pressure is on, I have to pass this onto fifteen other bloggers, (blogland version of chain mail I guess).  "Mom, Debbie started it!"... by giving it to Kim.  Debbie's blog here.  

I really do love looking at Kim's blog.  Kim's blog.  It was the name that got me first, Savvy Southern Style, I adore everything southern. Yes M'am I do.  Plus she is close to my age, plus she is new at this blogging thing.  But, I bow to her expertise in such a short time.

So, here is what I HAVE to do.  Pick 15 sites to pass the award onto, listed below.  If I fall short, I am sorry, I am a notorious chain mail breaker.  And seven things about myself,  get ready.

The beautiful blogs and ladies I follow and why.... and now the 15 below (11) you are supposed to pick 15 of your favorites and then seven things about yourself, and so on and so on.

1. - her blog inspired me to begin one, Thanks Shelbi!
2. - Shelbi led me to Mindy and I am so excited Coppell kids are moving back to Coppell as adults!
3. - Ann Marie built my first blog for me.
4. - Terri - my first follower, that was not a friend of family member!
5. - Nicole - great ideas and makes me giggle every time I read her blog.
6.  - Christie - Canada makes the list. Plus I adore her decorating.
7. - Simone - Australia makes the list.  Coolest name (Simone) and best vintage use out there.  Plus she is on the other side of the world and it is fun to see her summer during our winter.
8. - Phyllis had me at the white chocolate martini's and the word Steinmart.
9. - Gina - Her sense of humor and I think she is my Minnesota connection
10. - Emily - You have to like someone with a Cajun husband.
11. - Christy - my most recent blog to watch.  She teaches with my daughter and is open about every detail of her life.  It is like being there!

Sorry Kim, that is my 15 (11).

Now my seven things about me.

1.  I'm older than I look.  (You checked out my picture didn't you?)
2. I got a speeding ticket this year hurrying home to meet the dishwasher repairman at my house.  Free repair, $200.00 ticket.
3. I have three daughters, twins that are both teachers and the baby about to graduate OU.  When the baby girl was a freshman we had three in college in three states. LA Tech, TX A&M and Oklahoma.
4.  I love crawfish boils and there is no place like home, Louisiana has the best people, food and fun.
5.  I work full time for American Airlines and have a floral side business., I had to get that plug in there somewhere.
6. I have no grand-children, but I hear it is a wonderful thing.  I will be ready when they are ready! I guess.
7. Most important, my empty nester husband and I are celebrating 29 years of marriage today!  We couldn't be happier in our empty four bedroom house with our one dog, Cotton.  We went to church, a walk in the park, he ran, I walked.  Visited with friends, watched USA get silver in hockey, had our favorite dinner and wine.  What a great day!

Thanks Kim, I think.


  1. You are so funny. You need to take your act on the road girl! I have never laughed so hard. I guess 11 will do. I don't care anyway you fool.

  2. Thanks! A nice treat to find on my blog. :O) Now I'll have to work on mine...this may take awhile....there also may not be 7 things I haven't already shared at some point. ;o) I'm loving your blog too, and so glad Melissa gave us the heads up!

  3. That is funny!!~ Sorry someone else started it with me...I can only pass it down and that is what happens. It is fun and an honor to be recognized!!~ Congrats, and you really do look young!!~ What's your secret?

  4. My secret? That depends how old you think I am. haha I'm not going to force you to guess, but you can do the math, I have twins 25 and my baby is 22. I did start having babies younger than most people do now.

  5. Thanks Lori! :) I love making my blog pretty...I might spend TOO much time making my blog pretty. haha!

  6. Do you use the new version of the blogger editor? if you do all you have to do is highlight the words you want to be a link and click on the button on the tool bar that says link then a pop up will appear in which you type the url you want to send people to and hit done. Easy peasy.

    And I'm from Massachusetts. Although it has been cold enough to feel like Miinestoa this year! ;)

    Congrats on the anniversay! I guess you ARE older than you look- yes, I did scroll up to relook at your profile pic when you typed that, lol.

  7. Hi Lori. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your lovely award you have given me. Thank-you so much. I am blessed. I will add this award and your blog name on my homepage. Thanks again. Simone


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