Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be careful what you collect

I decided about six years ago that I would start collecting tea cups.  I went to someones grandmother's house and she had a bunch of mis-matched tea cups set out for coffee.  So I told my family I was collecting and found my first one at Canton Trade days.  I though it was neat, with the main design pattern on the inside of the cup.

Aynsley, England bone china
$10.00 Canton, TX

I then started receiving from family members for every occasion.  My mother will only drink her coffee from one of my teacups when she visits, no bulky coffee mug for her dainty lips.

Be careful what you ask for!

I have at least 10 more in my kitchen cabinets.  Two demitasse tea cups are part of the collection.  The one on the left is a wedding gift to Lynn and I received from his Aunt.  I thought it was strange at the time, it was not the pattern of my china that I had chosen.  But, it ended up one of my favorite gifts.  The other, now how wonderful is this, when my mother-in-law heard of what I was doing, her best friend insisted I have one from her wedding pattern, see below on the right. How sweet!  ( I ALMOST felt bad accepting it )  but she insisted.

Aynsley, Ambassador Marone and Norleans, Japan

I think I only bought myself maybe three or four of the teacups, the rest were gifts.  Thanks everyone, but I finally had to say politely, STOP!  I think I have enough.

Until.....  Nickie, Lynn's Mom gave me her wedding pattern below.  What a grand finale.

Royal Worchester, Dunrobin

If anyone is wondering... I  now am collecting Waterford stopping allowed!
Gotta love collecting!

What collection of yours got out of hand or you love so much you can't stop?

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  1. I LOVE the very last set...looks so delicate.

    My show n tell is all about Valentine stuff this week.


  2. You have some lovely teacups. I have quite a few, but I think you have me beat!

  3. Love them all!!~ Something you can do, that I have seen done, is they make bird feeders out of just get the special metal rod long, have a hole drilled in, put a fastener in it and throw some bird seed...sounds like a lot of trouble but I can tell you it is so cute in a garden!!~

  4. Lori, have you tried ebay? I know exactly what you are looking for, not sure of the correct name. We actually have a holy water dispenser as well.....we love collecting it all, and it is so pretty and has such meaning!~ Please come again!!~

  5. Gorgeous teacups! I love them too, they're one of my many collections!

  6. Gorgeous teacups! I love them too, they're one of my many collections!

  7. What lovely tea cups you have. I have a collection I inherited from my paternal grandmother. My father built a lovely shelf for me to safely display them. I have not collected any additional cups but I do look longingly upon some when I am thrifting.

    Thank you for sharing yours with us today.

    ~ Tracy

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  9. You have so many pretty cups. I love the tea set.

  10. Hi there,
    Saw that you were from Louisiana and had to check out your blog. I live south of Baton Rouge and love collecting cups and saucers as well. Try ebay for great deals. I only wish I had kept a record of where all of mine came from - England, Australia, etc. I have a collection of Colclough English china cups and saucers that I treasure. Colclough was my married name and even though I getting divorced, I still love my collection. ;-) Why don't you hop on over and visit my blog?

  11. Greetings from Colorado where we still have snow drifts in the yard. From time to time (like this year) we have snow that lasts until spring, but I think it helps my daffodils grow prettier when spring finally gets here! Love your teacups.

  12. I have wayyyy too many collections. 1 that has gotten out of hand already is my 10 year old's Nutcracker collection.

    I stand to inherit my husband's aunt's tea cup collection.

    I have too many sets of plates but can't stop. lol

  13. Lovely collection, isn't it nice that little treasures find their way into the collection from so many different sources.

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  15. oh gosh.. my heart skips many beats! love all your china! I am a big fan of china!..

  16. LOL!! So true.. once others know what you collect, you'll land more.

    Your collection is pretty exquisite!

    Ever think of having a tea cup theme for your Christmas tree? I've always wanted to do that with vintage tea cups. :)



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