Sunday, January 17, 2010

Forty Dollars and a Flea Market

Forty dollars and a Flea Market... this time McKinney trade days.  About one hundred times smaller than Canton, but half the time to get there.
Did I mention it is January, cold and rainy and we went anyway.  You know when you get first row parking at 11:00 that it is not going to be crowded.  So here is what I found.

Lots of western stuff, we are in Texas.  Not my thing, though.

Having three girls I am always drawn to anything with pink, ruffles or ribbons.  No need to buy anything at this booth yet.  Grammie you do know how to make these hats though?

Ann Marie and her friend Becky joined in.  Ann Marie won the prize for spending the most.   Is that a prize you want to win?

I usually don't come home with any extra cash, but did this time.  Half the booths were closed either due to the cold or just being January.  I spent $14.00. The candy bowl matches a fruit bowl that Lynn's mom gave me.  A wedding gift to her and Ray from over 60 years ago.  I know now the pattern name.  Caprice, by Cambridge glass.  The vendor had marked down the candy dish from $20.00 to $15.00 and she took my offer of $10.00.  The plaque is for Melissa to give  Sean.  A line from the song that was playing in the background when he proposed to her.  Half price, $4.00.   Since I had a little extra cash, Lynley, Lynn and I had Wich, Wich sandwiches before she went back to school.

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  1. I love all of the rusty stuff in the first pic and my five yo would ADORE that bright colorful outfit- she's all about dressing "funky" her words, not mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, I love finding new blogs to read. :)


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