Friday, January 8, 2010

More New Orleans

Mint Julep's?  They sell those there? Guess what there is a restaurant where you can order food too! 
Way too many Hurricanes in my life.

Where else but New Orleans, architecture students must have a hay day here.

Ann Marie, Lynley and Melissa

Jill and Lori

Voodoo store, no one would go in with me.  I wasn't going by myself!  I am taking one of the tours next time and a cemetary tour.

I want this front door! 

I knew Ann Marie would come up with better shots than me.  A much better camera does help. Here are some more....  Mom you are correct, New Orleans at the Royal Sonesta years ago, was my first Christmas in New Orleans.  I remember a wonderful dinner at one the "B" restaurants.  (Brennan's) Yum

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