Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow and Snuggie fights

Thanks everyone for a wonderful Christmas!  We had lots of fun, even white knuckle driving to Richardson in the snow.  Emma and Bubba still beat everyone by spending 24 hours to get home, should have been a five hour drive.  We had fun with the gift exchange, top steals... the snuggie and cute Christmas ceramic bowl and whisk.  But the best gift, with expressions, was the shock wave pen.  You pressed it and got quite a shock.

Dinner with five courses on Christmas was shrimp cocktail, roasted red pepper soup, tortellini pasta salad, pork loin and vegetables, dessert was a buffet!  Thanks Melissa, Sean, Lynley, Ann Marie and Michael for helping serve the different courses.  

At the last minute I ordered monograms for the girls and had fun finding things to put the on.  See and search vinyl car monograms. $4.00!  Sorry, baby Jesus ended up covered by snow.  Love my bronze nativity set.

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