Thursday, December 3, 2009

29 years and counting!

Lynn and I started our journey together in the summer of 1975. Afer six years of dating long distance between Alexandria, Natchitoches and Ruston, Louisiana we married on February 28, 1981.  Now almost 29 years later, 3 beautiful daughters, two wonderful son-in-laws, two states... we are happily, joyfully living out each day in Coppell, Texas!

So why a blog?  Ann Marie took a course last summer for continuing education and created my frist blog for Ooohlala Floral.   I then saw that a high school friend of Ann Marie and Melissa's had one, Shelbi Watten Rampy.  I read hers and followed some of her favorite blogs and I was hooked.  I don't twitter or facebook, well I do confess, I have Ann Marie's profile password, so if you are her friend you are mine!  But, just like the morning newspaper of the past, I now read news online each morning and check my favorite blogs.

TERMINOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY - 29 years ago there were no computers, cell phones or email.  I know if you are under 30 and reading this you are wondering how we ever survived in the old days.  I watched color TV arrive, but I won't go that far back.  29 years ago, to get this message to you,  I would have had to use a typewriter, gasp (no spell check or backspace to correct mistakes), copy onto a printer that you would roll the copy around a cylinder and then wet copies with purple ink, smelly ink, would print off and smear if you touched them too soon.  I can't remember the name of those copiers. If you can be the first one to add comments below with the correct name of the printer, you win!  Then I would use US mail,  with a 10 cent stamp (googled 1975 rate, really), hand address each envelope, mail and a week later you would have received my letter.  Fast forward to present time, now when you become a follower to my blog you can get an immediate email prompt that I have created a new posting,  Simply amazing, thanks Mr. Billionaire Bill Gates!  I am a blogger, you can be a follower and fellow blogger, just click on the link at the left side column.  Come and join the party, it really can be!

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  1. Yay! I am following you now! I love blogging because it's an easy way for my family to keep up with us on their own time!


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