Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry White Christmas! Dallas, 3 inches of snow!

Merry Christmas!  Shared the holiday with Nickie, Norene, Karl and Chris... Plus Christmas Eve at Joanie's with Sydney, Lynn, Lynley and me.  Took twice as long to get there after church, but had a wonderful time with family and great food!  This picture is Christmas morning and the snow is already melting. Nickie enjoyed her first white Christmas in 84 years.  She spent early morning just lying in bed and watching the wintry white landscape.  More pictures to follow... dinner and gift exchange at our house tonight.  Melissa and Sean, Ann Marie and Michael, Emma, Bubba and Corbin will be joining the group.  Emma and Bubba got stuck in Oklahoma for 24 hours in the storm.  Yawhoo they are here!


  1. We made it and had a wonderful 5 course meal to welcome us home! Along with a hilaroussss gift exchange (lala - syd just opened a Snuggie or her birthday, thank goodness she didn't steal Nicki's haha)

  2. We had a wonderful Christmas with Lori and Joanie's families. The food was delicious and my girls are such gracious hosts. We visited the homes of Ann Marie and Melissa and they both have beautiful homes, great husbands and granddogs are sweet. Had a safe trip home with Nickie and we never stopped talking. Imagine that. It had been about 12 years since we were in Dallas for Christmas and well worth the trip. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

  3. The pictures of New Orleans gave me a hug urge to go there. I haven't been down there since way before the hurricane problems. You were in New Orleans one time at Christmas Lori. Remember when I got the Governor's Suite and we all made the trip down there? That was when I was till working so it was over 10 years ago. Easy to forget that far back. My girls are all so beautiful. Great pictures.


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