Friday, December 18, 2009

Reasons to be a teacher

Melissa and Ann Marie start their Christmas two weeks off this afternoon.  One of the many great reasons to teach.  Spring Break, Christmas Break and SUMMER!!  The kids too of course.  Melissa and Sean volunteer as Make a Wish sponsors.  Moises was one of her students last year that they were able help his family by being their Make a Wish sponsor.  Between extra fund raisers at Melissa's school, one at Ann Marie's school for Moises as well, they raised over $3000.00 to help this family meet their extra needs during Moises cancer treatment.  He is well this year and back in school.  Make a Wish sent them one week ago to Disney World for 5 days.  He is pictured above with his Mom and little sister at the Make a Wish send off party in his classroom.  They are a family of six.

Ann Marie took her students out in the snow earlier this month.  Doesn't happen very often in Texas, so the first thing they did was put their coats back on to go run and play outside before the snow was gone.  The snow probably didn't last past 10:00 in the morning or as soon as the sun came out.

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