Monday, August 24, 2015

Summertime almost over

Just a few pictures to see how the end of our summer is going.
 MissAllyAnn is growing and reaching that cute 6-12 month stage.  Oh those kissable thighs!
 Thanks Mom for coming to Dallas for a visit.  We lovingly call this hold the "Grammie Grip".

 MissRaylyn is talking and is as adorable as ever!

 MissHadley and MissLayton took time out of their busy summer play schedule to help AuntLynley get her new art room ready for her students.

And coming soon...Grand number five.  We will have gone from zero to five in under three years.  Wow!  Life is so fun!  And MomMelissa is stunning! Four Grand-daughters, we get to wait till delivery for this one, to find out if a boy or girl will join the family!  Team Blue needs a player!


  1. Oh, MY!!! I smiled all the way through this post!! You really caught the beauty of family here! My favorite pic was your mom doing the Grammie Grip!!! I love how she also has a good grip on her wine!!! A Grammie after my own heart!! My grandchildren doubled when the quads were born!! You can NEVER have TOO many grandchildren!!!

  2. You will have caught up to me ~ 5 ~ isn't it wonderful? Can't wait to find out #5. I think it's so fun to wait. 3 of ours were surprises and of course they are always just want you wanted!

  3. What a gorgeous family! I held a friend's little girl the other day who is about the same size as AllyAnn, and it was so fun! I had forgotten how even at around 18 pounds, they take a toll on your back! Wiggle-wiggle. Have fun and enjoy.

  4. I've been missing your posts, Lori!

    All of your little granddaughters are so precious! You are so blessed.


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