Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our love for ferns

Hubby and I have a love for all things fern.  Which if you live in Texas, you know they need shade and lots of water.  Two things that are usually in short supply around these parts.  Luckily, we are blessed with native oak trees for shade.  I am also blessed with a husband who loves to water everything!  I think he uses the time watering for some meditation.  And it takes a while, so he has plenty of time to think.  Maybe he is thinking why the heck doesn't Lori ever do this!
 The front porch has two.  One large Boston Fern and smaller fun looking one.  Notice the fuzzy "legs" growing out underneath the fronds.  I think this might be called a tarantula fern.   

 Maiden Hair ferns are one of my favorites.  So light and airy, but slow growing!  Hubby transplanted this one from a flower bed to this fun container.  Yes, our oak leaves started falling in early August.  The heat stresses them out, I think.
Another humongous Boston Fern, I think she is several years old. The fern in the photo below is unique.  These fronds emerge red and turn green.  

We will enjoy our ferns a few more months and then start dragging them into the garage before the first frost hits.  Fern fronds, say that five times fast!


  1. I have a friend with a very shady property here, she loves ferns! Yours are pretty and nice that hubby helps:@)

  2. I love YOUR ferns!! I had one once and finally planted it in the back flower bed and it is still growing all these years later! Not all frondy together - just fronds randomly all over the place. Still - I would have killed it inside and it still lives outside - in the deep shade!
    I don't have one single house plant left and I am somewhat relieved!

  3. I love ferns too! You need to try Macho ferns and Kimberly Queen ferns. They can both take more heat. They've both worked great for me. My Kimberly Queens came back this year after staying out all winter.

  4. I too Love Ferns, Vines and Moss... NONE of which do well in the AZ Desert! *LOL* Yours are Beautiful and I can relate to your DH using his Gardening Time for Meditation and to Quiet the Spirit, I do too. Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. My mother and I were thrilled to find your blog because it answered the question of what type of fern Mom had inherited from her grandmother. Nice to know we have an over 70 year old Maidenhead Fern that means so much to us both.


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