Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bombay Beauty

I love early attic decorating and this piece came from my sister's attic collection!
All it took was a little Annie Sloan Versailles chalk paint to cover up the off white burned look?

 Wet and shiny paint below.
I finished it off with a buff of minwax paste and voila a new night stand for me! The wax darkens the color a bit and gives it just the right smooth, protective finish.

 I still need someone to explain why my new camera, when set on aperture, turns everything golden.  Everyone screams for me to use "no flash" even indoors.  But, look above and look below.  Above with flash, looks so natural and below pictures no flash and totally golden.  

Free and new to me.  I even left the handles their original color and they look perfect.

My "before" night stand was an awful sewing chest and served the purpose.  But, is quickly going onto Craig's List and can be someone else' "early attic piece".


  1. You did an amazing job!!! I just love your 'new' piece!! Early attic! I love that phrase and it describes my style perfectly!!
    I am NOT a photographer and cannot figure out camera settings on even the simplest ones!

  2. Aren't you clever! I'm debating whether or not to Annie Sloan-up an entire dining room set. It's a big step for such big pieces. You make it look easy and beautiful.


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