Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Office updated ~ now onto the guest bedroom

Why does one project always lead to another?  The new paint in the office looks so light and bright, that I now feel the guest bedroom would look great with the new paint too! Darn you, Sherwin Williams ~ Kilm Beige.
I am still experimenting with my new camera.  Still picures are too yellow, what am I doing wrong!??!! But, the above picture is still probably the best color of the new wall paint.  Yes, that is a rolodex ~ I will never give it up.  Lovely little painted ceramic box from Round Top.  I am not sure what its original purpose was, but I love it as a pencil/pen holder.  
 New curtain ~ like, but I don't love it.  Probably won't stay long. It is still alot better than this...

 The hubbies sports stuff is rearranged and much better and not as cluttered.  

 Of course, I have to have my grands right next to me.  In the last year I was offered the chance to work from home!  It is great not to have to commute and use that extra time to get housework done.  It sure does make me enjoy my nights and weekends so much more.

Now after taking pictures for this post, I realize I need to get busy dusting my desk!  I told you one thing just leads to another.  

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  1. Your new office looks great! Congrats on being able to work from home, that's a dream of mine... especially in the winter-enjoy:@)


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