Saturday, November 30, 2013

If I can make one you can too

A bell valance.  I was tired of making plain curtains.  My daughter asked for a valance and I had seen the most adorable one at a blog called. Beyond the Screen Door.  AND, even better Sonya shared the instructions here.  THANKS ~ Sonya!

I wasn't there when my daughter hung them.  But, she sent me a picture by phone and I kind of let out a little eeeee sound.  I love it and she does too!  

Here is the abridged tutorial. But, go to Beyond the Screen Door her for Sonya's detailed tutorial.

I cut four squares 25 x 25 and the five bells.  Make a pattern for the bells, 25 x 5.

You have to make both a front and back.  Lots of cutting and sewing, don't let it scare you off.  This was for a 72 inch window and luckily Sonya's tutorial is too.  You end up with 18 cut pieces. 

Sew, bell, square and repeat.  You end up with a bell on each end. When the back and front panel are sewn they look like this.

I added a yellow dot trim at the bottom.  Pinned the loops at the top of each bell. I used five inches of ribbon.  Sew all three sides, turn right side out and finish the final edge shut.  Sounds easy and really is, just time consuming.

The valance hangs from knobs screwed into the sheet rock.  

 My daughter purchased the fabric before we knew what design we were working with.  She bought two yards, I could have used more to be able to match patterns a bit better.  Again, go here to see the real instructions and you will so enjoy Sonya's blog too.  And if you live in Oklahoma you can have Sonya make these for you!  I think she ships too!  And if you are a friend of hers, how lucky you must be.  She has a wonderful spirit.  (Sorry, a bit of Sonya adoration going on) 

And during all the curtain making Nanny was here.  Her great-grandaughter, Raylyn is helping make cookies. Don't worry, her Momma is right off to the side and was standing behind Raylyn the whole time.  

And this is the best shot of all three great-granddaughters, at the Gaylord Texan trip we made.  Three moving babies is a hard picture to shoot.  


  1. The valance is stunning, loved the tutorial, and the pic of Granny and the babies is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. I see you got to the Gaylord at night. We went this week too, although in the day. I always want to go back at night and see all of the lights. Maybe next year. What a priceless photo with GG. {the valance turned out great too!}

  3. You did a great job!! I love the fabric and the style. By the way, Sonya made things for me when did live in Oklahoma. She'll mail things to you here...if you aren't already a wonderful seamstress like you are. My style is Stitch Witch. :)


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