Friday, November 22, 2013

Another trip to New Orleans

And since we had heard about it for years and my sister hadn't been either, we just had to make a stop at THE Camellia Grill in New Orlean's Garden District.  The wait was only about 30 minutes in a line.  We made it go by nicely with a Bloody Mary from next door.  

I had heard about the hamburgers and my Mom had told me about the fried pecan pie!  Yes, you heard me fried!  My sister's husband told her not to miss the pecan waffles.  So we shared.... one amazing pecan waffle.  The yellow syrup is BUTTER!  Liquid butter, who would have thought. Genious.

As the waiter presented our shared portions, everyone around us told us we were so smart!  Hey, it took me over 50 years to get to this place.  We wanted to try everything.

 and when I say everything, when the lady next to use ordered the fries with gravy...... My sister and I looked at each other , winked yes, we added that to our lunch order. YUM.

And when the lady next to us ordered a muffaletta, we ordered one to go.... of course.

I saved the best for last.  See that piece of pecan pie next to the hash browns?  That is the beginning of our fried pie.  It gets flipped and smashed and some of that liquid gold butter is poured over the smashed crust and heated.  I am so glad we had a great seat to be able to watch the whole creation.

Leon, our waiter asked if we wanted ice cream on top.  Silly man, Mon Dieu and of course.
I wish we hadn't shared this time.  But, we were full and I probably could not have finished one by myself.  Yeah, right.

But, finish we did, even before all the ice cream melted.  

If you are in New Orleans, take the cable car through the Garden District down St. Charles. At the curve jump off.  They do make a stop right there, you really don't have to jump.  Don't let the people line frighten you about the wait and order exactly what we did.  One more check off my bucket list!  

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  1. OHMYGOODNESS! I am drooling. I was born in PA and all the restaurants there served their french fries with gravy. I was surprised to find that most places didn't do that. Oh- You had me at pecan waffle- xo Diana

  2. That makes me want to plan a trip to New Orleans. The only thing better than pecan pie is frying it. ;o)

  3. Some day, we will get there. I it is definitely on our bucket list! Happy Thanksgiving Lori and family.


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