Monday, November 18, 2013

85 in Texas and a photo shoot

Yep,  November 17th and a photo shoot.  Hadley and Layton are wearing their birthday tutu's.

 Ruffles everywhere, bottoms too.

Layton and Hadly clap on demand now.  

Great Grandmother, Nanny is in town and got in on the action!

 Strike a pose Hadley.


  1. Oh my stars!!! I could eat them up!!!! They are precious! Did you have to throw in the 85 thing??? :-) It is going to be 50 here today and I am excited about that!

  2. Thank goodness for air conditioning, right? I am not going to complain though because it's pretty outside and comfortable. Your grand babies are absolutely precious.

  3. Oh, Lori- Those are beautiful, beautiful children. How very precious! You are so blessed-look at those eyes!!!! xo Diana


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