Sunday, January 26, 2014

I love Girl Scouts.. I do, I do, I do !

I was in a troop growing up.

Cookies were .75 cents a box when I sold them.

There is nothing more cute than a little girl in her vest at my front door in January.

Our favorite cookies are Samoa and Thin Mint.

I know there has been seasonal ice cream flavors...


Thank-you Coffee-mate!  From the bottom of my empty coffee cup.  You talk about good to the last drop!  Samoa flavor was sold out.  I will be back to the store soon to keep checking.  

Napkins I'm using.  Leftovers from New Year's Eve.  
What is your favorite cookie?

And who thinks the Girl Scouts have gotten even more smart?  They show up at your door with the cookie boxes in hand this year!  Well, my neighbor's daughter sold 150 boxes, so I still had fun filling in the cookie order sheet.  But, had the cookies in hand three days later. 


  1. I'll bet the coffee creamers are very popular! Thin Mints were always my favorite:@)

  2. I can eat a box of Thin Mints in one sitting and have been doing it my whole life. Used to tell myself I wouldn't do it but now...what the heck. :)

  3. I have a little girl scout and have bought many boxes from her. We love the thin mints of course, and my husbands new favs are the Thank yous. I think they were 50 cents a box when I sold them.

  4. I was a girl scout in the late 70's. I don't know how much the boxes were but I sold enough each year to get the big badge. Those cookies were all over my house.

    I can't have any in the house now because I can eat a whole box in one day!

  5. My girls were in Scouts, too, when they were little. We all like the Thin Mints the best of all- xo Diana

  6. We found Girl Scout cookie flavored candy in our stores! Yum! I like thin mints and the peanut butter filled. I remember my Mother mailing me boxes of cookies when I was in college.


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