Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little bunch of violets

so honest and so true... 
Little bunch of violets I picked them dear for you.

Sorry, that was a song we used to sing at my sorority.

But it sure fits in with this post.  My best friend Jane's Mom, Betty is a wonderful gardener and she saw our garden one day and said we just had to have some of her violets. 

Betty called once the weather cooled a bit and said she had some ready for us. 

She even prettied the sprigs she pulled up with some of her zinnias.  This women is in her early 80's and has the most wonderful flower beds and some vegetable gardens too!  I was amazed.

Betty says these will bunch up and spread.  I believe her !  She had them in several different beds around her back yard.  

We are trying some in a pot too, I hope they survive.  Betty provided some blood/bone meal, that is what it said on the jar, for fertilizing too.  Isn't she wonderful.  I'll follow up with these little bunches of violets next summer to let you know how it turns out. 

Oh and that sorority song I started with ... any of my sister's out there recognize the song?

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  1. Those are very pretty. Wish I had a green thumb, and NO I do not know the song.

  2. I think that means your a a Sigma too! I was initiated in 1980 at Stephen F. Austin in Texas. There is no longer a chapter there. If you are not a Sigma Kappa, please ignore this comment:)

  3. I can't wait to see the violets next year. I need something that will be close to the ground, colorful and spread out a bit. I will be watching yours! I am a Delta Gamma and would be singing about cream roses so I have no idea what sorority you are!

  4. Mama Sue is correct! Sigma Kappa girls are we! Can't believe how quickly one responded.

  5. I love violets. Although, I've never planted them outside. I have only used them indoors in pots. I hope they'll work for you. They probably will since you know someone who has them. I always think that is so kind of someone to share flowers from their yard to plant in your own. It's like having a piece of them living there.

  6. Violets have always been a favorite but I've never attempted growing them. So pretty- hope they make it! ~ Sue


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