Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garden Antiques Vintage - another friend at Round Top/Warrenton

I was happy to meet up with Teresa from Garden Antiques Vintage at the Round Top Antique week. Her booth was down the road in Warrenton.  She is right behind Zapp Hall.  Her displays were fabulous too.

Go by her blog now and take a look here.


  1. Your pictures make my things look great! So glad to have met you all and thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Good stuff. We were there as well.

  3. I love her blog~and now I know I'd spend a lot of money at her place, too!

  4. Wow!are these great or are these great:)I liked the purple plate too. Something about the hue.You have a nice blog and oh Lovely pictures!Merry Christmas, have a great year ahead!
    Antique Furniture


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