Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall napkin primped for a party

We needed a touch of fall for a brunch coming up.  I played around with twine, doillies and silk leaves.

The 32 count doilies, shear silk leaves and twine all found at dollar tree.  We ended up not using the silk leaf at the party.  Plain simple doily looked best.

and at their final party destination....

See how I painted the dollar tree pumpkins white here.

More on the bridal shower coming soon. I'm still washing linens and putting party stuff back where it needs to be stored until the next one.

On a side note...please RSVP always.  We did have place cards and the lanterns that were their party favors.  So about four last minute guests did not receive a lantern.  We made due with putting their names one a small white gourd.  Also, be nice to your hostesses by responding. Chair/table rentals and food amounts need to be firmed up at least a week before.  And once you respond be on TIME.  For our 10:30 brunch, we began serving about 11:15.  As dessert was being served, two ladies arrived at 11:45!

What are your thoughts on tardy, no show or show and not RSVP guests?  I do totally understand things can come up that make you miss the party.  Am I being to finicky?
Thanks for letting me vent.

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  1. Love the napkin holders! Have I told you I have a serious soft spot for fabulous table decor?

  2. I think it's rude not to RSVP. And if you don't, don't show up! If you do, show up on time!

    The tables look really pretty, Lori!

  3. I know people who are just late all the time and I think that's pretty rude. I can understand it happening sometimes, but all the time? They need better planning I guess. Table was very nice. I love all the fall colors! Carol


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