Friday, October 14, 2011

The Big Fat mirror project

Redo a bathroom, save 4 x 6 foot mirror 'cause your daughter wants to use it.  Look at mirror in garage for six months.  Buy wood and look at that for three months. Paint, cut, glue and done.

She hammered it up a bit, primed and painted. 

Measure and head back to Home Depot because you need two more inches off each side and you don't own one of those fancy smancy saw things, like Mandi does.  Take your super cute daughter along and smile at the nice guy and ask to "please, can you cut some more wood off?"

Glue was fun!  Let dry for about three days.  Let sit in the dining room for a week more, just because you are afraid when you stand it up, everything will slide off.

Simple project complete in 1,2....199 steps. 
Notice I wore black for the picture, very slimming.  Left the room messy just to be more real life.

See how huge, heavy and wonderful.

Special shout out of thanks to son-in-law, Michael who knows how to miter cut.
Thanks Michael.

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  1. Great Job! I love leaning mirrors. Did you know that if they lean they make you look slimmer too!?

  2. wow, ya'll did a great job. it looks terrific in your room.

  3. I love the mirror! Fabulous!

    So, can we see that awesomely painted wall in there, 'cause apparently I missed that before! It looks awesome.

  4. Oh wow!!! that is aweseome and I love your painted wall! So neat!

  5. Love the mirror and frame! This made me chuckle. I have had things in my garage forever, buy stuff to fix it up and it lays around forever and then I finally get it done and it was way more work than I thought.

  6. Fantastic job! It turned out great and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. A very satisfying project indeed. I love projects completed in 199 steps. In fact, I hardly ever do any that require less.

  8. Hi Lori, I love your mirror. It isn't cookie-cutter like the ones you would get at a discount store. I love the diamond paint job by the way too! Thanks for commenting on my blog today.


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