Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Shopping and 100 degrees

A blog friend told me about a junk sale that I have been trying to get to for months.  What's up with the only once a month thing? The cutest store ever called Fringe, only open on the third weekend of every month?  Two cute metal fleur de lis with a hook on the back to hang. I may run a ribbon through the back and use as napking rings.  $3.00 each.  I got all they had left.

This set of four boxes was in the outdoor field.  100 degrees today in the Dallas area.  We shopped fast.  I brought these home, the set of four ~ 10 dollars total.  I even left them and came back, they were still there.  It was meant to be.  I'm not a big rooster fan, those will probably be turned to the back when I use them.  

Did you notice the Dallas, Maverick signs?  My youngest daughter was one of 200,000 at their championship parade. 

Here is the link to follow, Stephanie with Southern Charm Cottage,  always updates about the next sale.

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  1. I've heard about this sale. I'd love to get down sometime. I wrote down the info from Stephanie's blog just in case. Hopefully I'll remember!

  2. Wow! That is some heatwave you are having.

    I love those boxes and at $10 they are a steal.

  3. Love those boxes!! You'll find lot's of uses for those. Try and stay cool!

  4. I cannot believe I missed you - I was even looking for you!! I'm so bummed!! We were set up in one of the units back in the courtyard area. We had two huge blue umbrellas hanging upside down - I'll post pics soon!

  5. You are not the only one that says Cheekay.....but no H. I hope that isn't a referral to my hips!! :)

  6. Hi Lori
    This heat is awful isn't it? And so early too. Your flea market looked fun ~ where is it? You got some goodies.

    Also enjoyed your pics of AK. I love the Eureka Springs area, haven't been there in years.

    Try and stay cool ~ you will find me in the pool:-)

  7. I'm moving to the Dallas area in a few weeks, i'll have to check out this sale!


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