Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Come through the garden gate

Enter the backyard to our secret garden.
First you see the pond Lynn created.

It is watched over by a mermaid and yellow ducky.

The pond lilly is blooming and the pink crepe myrtles over head too.

Tons of shade for our yard,  we can only plant shade worshiping plants.

Ferns and ivy do great with little sun.

On Lynn's plant stand he is training this circle topiary of varigated ivy.

Love this shot of my gloves on the shelf.  If it can hold dirt he will plant something in it.  This is an old solar light fixture!

In the winter you can find us sitting beside this firepit.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.


  1. Such a pretty shady place to hang out, Lori. Love your pond. Thanks for joining the party.

  2. What a beautiful garden! I love your pond, too!

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your garden. The pond is so lovely. I could sit and watch those fish for hours. I wish our garden had such a water feature, but we have so many wild animals near by that they would quickly disappear. Thanks for sharing this beautiful space. ~ Sarah

  4. Your garden is so pretty, Lori. You and Lynn have done a woderful job.

  5. you've got koi....sooo lucky, there was a koi dealer next to the nail salon that I check out every other week and always wonder if I should???

  6. Love your garden and pond.Proof that you can have a lovely garden even without sun.

  7. You have a talented man there, training plants and planting anything that will hold dirt.
    We have all the makings for a pond but have not gotten around to it.

  8. What a beautiful garden and I would die for a pond like that!!


  9. i host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have you come by to peek around or even link up?!? hope to see you sometime! xoox, tracie


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