Friday, June 17, 2011

18 on a family vacation

Eureka Springs, AR ~ Beaver Lake
A log cabin with beautiful views plus 18 family members equals tons of fun!

View from the bedroom window.  Didn't get much sleep, log houses are loud with all the hard surfaces...hmmm or was it the 18 people, probably a little of both.

We cheered the Dallas Mavs during their championship game!  I think they heard us in Dallas.

Three generations! 

We found a boutique winery, enjoyed the wine tasting too.  

I was in charge of packing lunch the day of our boat outing.  This is how everyone had to the eat chicken pasta salad when someone me forgets to pack the forks!  

My brother had his first boat driving experience and first tubing time too.

Good way to get to the boat when there is no dock.

Yes, do I look happy.  All the girls were there, plus Michael and we missed you Sean!  I guess SMU business masters program is important too.

Thorncrown Chapel in the Ozark Mountains just minutes outside of downtown Eureka Springs!

Shopping day and dog petting day. 

It is a cave!  It is supposed to be dark!

Hello life long family memories, Good-bye Arkansas 2011.


  1. The log cabin looks like a perfect place for a big family gathering!! Eating in creative ways just added to the fun memories! Eureka Springs is so pretty! I need to go down there again soon!

  2. Oh I would love a family vaca like that!~ Looks like so much fun.

  3. Looks like another great time Lori! Will you guys adopt me???:@)

  4. It's so nice to be surrounded by family and on vacation. Hope you have a wonderful time and hopefully it won't be too hot, fingers crossed!

  5. It looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. You look so happy, Lori. :o)

  6. We love Eureka Springs! Started going in 1977. Even if we stay in Branson, we always spend a day in ES. There's a little Italian Restaurant we love...Emilio's. Always go to church at Thorncrown. Wouldn't a wedding be gorgeous there!

  7. We had a blast! :) XOXO!! We love you, Momma!


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