Thursday, September 9, 2010

GW hunting

My car stopped at a Goodwill store today, she turned left and parked, so I had to get out.  It just happens you know.

.99 cent day, all three purchases $3.00.

Love the little green urn, I can't wait to fill with flowers.  The pedestal will get painted and hold a cloche or candle.  The beauty is in the back, she is iron and probably a wine holder. 

My blue Ball jar fits perfectly.

Lynley and I use straws all the time.  This is now our updated holder.

side view of the iron..

Artsy, top view of handle...

You know you want one too, so get your car to stop at your Goodwill store.  But I hear they are one of kind finds, but goodwill luck hunting. 

Here is where she waits for us to fill a glass of sweet tea and need a straw.


  1. Glad your car stopped there. She knew you would find good stuff.

  2. I love that green urn! It would be really pretty at Christmas filled with little red balls as well!

  3. P.s. Have you ever been to 'The Thrift Store' in Plano?

  4. My car always stops at Chick-fil-a in the mornings! Goodwill would be healthier!!! Love the green urn and the candle holder!

  5. Great finds! I wish our Goodwill had 99 cent days. Regards, Sheilla

  6. That looks like a pickle castor....what a find!!!! They are a fortune to buy got a great deal.

    My Victorian Ribbon Afghan------done!!!

  7. Oh, I just love it when my car makes me stop to go treasure hunting. I love your straw holder and the candlestick is divine. Nice to meet you. Have a lovely day.

  8. That's one mighty good car and thrifting buddy you've got there!

  9. Treasure Hunting is one of my favourite past-times...and it's even better when your car just takes you there!
    Love your finds and love the price tag!
    I'm visiting from Fabulous Friday Finds...hop on over to if you're so inclined!

  10. What great finds! Visiting from Fabulous Finds Friday... most Fabulous FIND I've seen yet!

  11. The wire piece is Southern Living and is a wine bottle holder.


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