Sunday, August 28, 2016

Final reveal ~ Project Light and bright.

When I say done, that means... until the next time I decide to change things up a bit.  If you have followed along, thanks for your patience.  I finally decided, I love my red couch and for now.. it stays. I will start with my two favorite changes to the rooms.  Go here to see..the new front door and "new to me" buffet.
The buffet was a Craig's List find!  Solid mahogany, 1980's Kindel buffet.  The new iron door brings in so much more light and we love the Flemish glass panes.
The dollhouse had to stay because all the grands love playing with it.
MissRaylyn loves my pink magnolia needlepoint chair.  She says she is a princess when she sits on it and we do have a tiara for her to wear.  Of course!
Hubby and I just refinished the floors.... aren't they purty?
My little grouping of crowns reminds me of Mardi Gras and my Louisiana roots.  Thankfully none of my family in Louisiana was caught up in the flood.  But, my sister is helping all over Baton Rouge and housing a displaced family.

The project began with recovering my dinning room chairs.  Then new sheer curtains and finally the door and buffet. The plan was to have the couch changed to an ivory color.  But, after shopping the house and moving things around to other rooms, the sitting room makes me happy. 


Curtains - Pottery Barn
Buffet - Craig's List
Paint for Buffet - Sherwin Williams - Pure White
Door - will not name source, would not recommend them
Fabric for chairs seats - Cutting Corners, Dallas
Mirror - At Home


  1. Everything looks great! It makes me smile to see your red couch. I still have one too.

    That front door!!! I love it.

  2. Your house looks awesome my friend. I love the red couch!
    You have been working away. But hey, you're lucky all is ready. We just started at my end.
    Enjoy your week.

  3. It all looks lovely!!!! Every single bit!!! That sitting room would cheer anyone up! Love the red!

  4. Lori, your changes look great! I love your red couch! I still have my red settee at the dining room table. That pop of color just makes me happy!

  5. Looks so beautiful! Nice styling ♥

  6. Such a breezy, light feeling. I know you feel good with this huge project completed. Now, on to many happy days of entertaining!


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