Monday, June 13, 2016

Light and bright front entry door.

Our new front door accomplished two things, more natural light into the front two rooms of our home and an updated front entry to our 25 year old house.
 The glass design is called flemish and is supposed to replicate blown glass.  I think it makes the view to the outside look like a Van Gogh painting.
 The door is iron and we opted for a traditional design. It looks black, but the door color is called Bronzed Patina. My decorator, MissLynley, picked the new Pottery Barn outdoor light fixture.  Perfection!  Hubby provided the fern, I am on the hunt for a bit taller planter.  The rug was found at Tuesday Morning.  Extra thin and long.

What a difference a door makes!  And it doesn't hurt to clean up the flower beds too!

The drama!
Don't ask who we bought the door from, I will not recommend them.  Door order took longer than promised, no communication and once the door came in they installed it without the glass being ready and we had to look at Plexiglas for a while.  Plus, they installed a different door handle than we had ordered.  What has happened to customer service?  It was pretty non existent with this company.  But, once the final payment was due, guess what?  They were very communicative.

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  1. Lori, your new door looks great! We've been looking at iron doors. Our neighbor just had some installed; and his look beautiful! Hopefully, the joy that your new door brings will help you forget the bad customer service. It's so hard these days!

  2. It looks fabulous, and I laughed aloud at your comment about the flower beds. One thing leads to another . . .

    Great job, but sorry it took so long. Don't get me started on customer service. I just got a call from a repairman after we tried for weeks to get in touch with him. He sounded offended that we had already called and hired someone else.

  3. Wow Lori!! The new door is stunning. You've absolutely updated the look of your house.

    I love the door you chose. The design and the beautiful glass is perfect. Are you just staring at it all the time? I would be!!

    Happy Thoughts of Home friend.


  4. I liked your red front door and the new black door is beautiful also especially the glass.

    No more customer service in lots companies now days. They don't care if you support their business or not.

  5. i love this van gogh like door, that's awesome. and the bottom pattern, too, really updates the whole look.

  6. Oh your new door is just amazing! Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  7. What a beautiful entry door! I think your new door adds character to your house’s from walkway. It accentuates the brick layout of your house as well. And what you said about natural lighting is so true, having the right type of lighting can really transform a space for the better. I hope that you are enjoying the new additions.


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