Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It is Fall in Texas... but still 90 degrees outside

Around the living room in 10 seconds.  Just a few Fall touches, but makes me feel like Fall is almost here! A "what is it?" at the end of the post too.

 Love these scrumptious velvet pumpkins from Market Street.  A last year find they were.
This Pottery Barn basket is huge, but was fun to fill.

 This month I found this huge velvet pumpkin at Market Street.  10 bucks, less than what I paid for the velvet ones last year, but it does have a plastic stem.  
 My question... What was this little silver box/purse/clutch used for?  I found it at Round Top Flea market.  Your guess?  
Here is what I use it for!  


  1. I'm guessing cigarettes... Love your velvet pumpkins-Happy Fall:@)

  2. Beautiful pics! I am making some velvet pumpkins but they are not nearly as pretty as yours!

  3. I love your big metal pumpkin in the first few photos. Very cool. I would guess the silver case is a cigarette case. Lipstick cases this size usually had a mirror.


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