Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cookie baking and a pumpkin patch visit

Thank you Coppell Lutheran Church. I took our girls to this pumpkin patch some 23 years ago.  The church has continued this tradition still and Lynn and I were able to take the three Tennison grands last weekend.  We started the day baking some cookies.
 Miss AllyAnn is not sure this is going to work out!
 Sorry only MissAllyAnn and MissLayton had time to do their hair.  

 "I wonder how these sprinkles will taste on my toes?"  Let's just say MissHadley was making sure every space on tops of the cookies were covered.
 Then after naps, we headed to the pumpkin patch.

 "Lala said to stand here and say cheese, but we really just want to run around, right Hadley?"

 "Would you like chicken nuggets?"  That is really what MissLayton said. 

 Just the right size pumpkins to hold and run with.

 We apologize church ladies, but MissLayton and MissHadley were ready to do a little redecorating.  None of those little pumpkins were there when they started. 

 Miss Layton was content to ride, while MissHadley was filling her wagon with tiny pumpkins to bring home!

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. What an adorable, fun day you had! I can remember taking my boys to the pumpkin patch when they were young. For a few years, our church tried to host a similar patch, but it was enormous work and needed so many volunteers! I think everyone agreed to just donate $$ so we wouldn't have to work that hard anymore! Kudos to those who make it possible for the rest of us to have sweet autumn memories!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful post. Those kids are just darling and I can tell you love every moment you spend with them. It just gets better and better as they get older, too. Great pictures-love their "redecorating" xo Diana


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