Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanks to my daughter's great decorator eye!

I should always take my daughter shopping with me.  She was available and was with me this past Saturday to help me look for new bar stools.  I had been searching for two stools that would not stick out as much as my old ones did.  We found two and they are perfect and I gained about 8 inches of space.  You can barely see them as you walk into the den.
 Thank you TJMaxx, again!  I love that store.
 We tried them out in the store and they are comfortable and sturdy.  
Before we found the stools, my personal decorator Lynley spotted the below mirrors.  She said, "Mom, these would be great over your mantel!" We looked them over and went on our search for the bar stools. 
We left with the bar stools only.  Then all night long I thought about the mirrors and how great a Chrismtas wreath will look in the middle of them.  When I woke the next morning, I measured the wall space and MissLynley and I were back at the store as they opened. If you shop TJMaxx you know things are always gone if you wait to come back the next day to buy them. (my tip, buy it and return it, if it does not work out or fit) Since, we had been there the night before at closing time, luck was on our side, they were still there!

 Another tip, if you live in the Dallas area.  Market Street has these wonderful velvet pumpkins. 

 Now, I am going to relax like this witch and stare at my lovely new mirrors!

Mantel before pic.


  1. Great finds...The bar stools look fabulous there and so does the mirrors. You are lucky they were still there. I feel the same way, buy it, if you love it. You can always return it if they do not work out. If you snooze, you lose. My mom feels like it wasn't meant to be...LOL

    1. Oh how I can tell you every time I snoozed and lost!

  2. I like them both!! Those mirrors really do look great up there. The color just works with everything and you can never have too much reflection going on. I love to bounce the light around.

    1. Thanks Stacey, you are right the mirror effect makes the room look larger too!

  3. Great finds! Timing is everything:@)

  4. Don't you love TJmaxx/homegoods? You found some great finds... Sometimes I go there and there's nothing oh her times a jackpot! Like your fall touches and I love you're over pumpkins on the mantle! I agree, a Christmas wreath would look good between those mirrors!


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